Executive coaching

Managers and leaders are the ones who have to think and manage too many things at the same time. They are expected to be able to create a confident environment, to manage high level communication skills, to follow/increase the performance and development of their own and others, to make accurate and timely decisions, to make effective inner communication, to support the training of employees, to develop empathy, to have vision, and to be well equipped while dealing with multiple issues.

Coaches create smooth balance between individual needs and the goals of the organization.

Coaching helps a manager to get better and better by easily discussing, developing, seeing alternatives, and focusing on his/her strengths and goals in a neutral and reliable environment.


In addition to their duties, when they take on new and new responsibilities,

When they enter a new position or business area,

When they are promoted and need to have more leadership skills,

When they take over the responsibility of a larger group,

When they have to fill a sudden gap in the organization,

When they are raised for leadership position,

When they need to develop their leadership skills,

When they experience periodic performance problems,

When they need to create a new team or line of business,

When they experience significant problems in their current duties,

they can receive support from a coach, or they may just want to be coached for their agenda.

How does the Executive Coaching process work?

  1. The working subjects, needs and objectives of the manager are determined with the company and the manager.
  2. The coach uses the performance measurement systems of the institution when necessary.
  3. Strengths, directions, opportunities and objectives to be achieved are determined.
  4. The road map and work plan required to reach the target is prepared by the manager and the coach.
  5. Coach and manager implement and follow this process through regular coaching sessions.

During the executive coaching process, the coach can adapt to the existing analysis and personnel management systems of the company, and if it is lacking in the company, he/she can benefit from the data collection and evaluation tools developed by the company.

Coaching meetings take place on a regular basis every week. The average time of the session is one hour. The Working Time is determined by the coach, the company and the manager according to the size, requirements and needs to reach a target. The recommended average time is 12 sessions. Within the process, the client can reach the coach through e-mail or telephone and continuous support can be provided when needed.