ICF PCC, Executive Coach, Trainer

Rana Kaplan graduated from Kocaeli University engineering faculty. In the same year, she completed her pedagogical formation training at the Technical Education Faculty of the University.

She started her career at Yapı Kredi Bank. She served in many departments of this institution for a total of 12 years. She worked as a trainer at Yapı Kredi Banking Academy and then as an executive coach at the “internal internal coaching Project”, which she was one of the pioneers. While providing personal development trainings, she has played an active role in the design and development of these trainings.

Then, while providing training and Consultancy Services at İş Kavramları Danışmanlık company, she was also giving trainings in many leading institutions in the sector such as; Finansbank, Sandoz, Bausch&Lomb, İş Bankası ÇM, Turkish Bank, Çolakoğlu inc. and Pirelli inc.

For the past 11 years,s he has been involved in many special projects as trainer and coach. In addition to executive coaching practices, she also has many life coaching, Relationships Coaching, student and parent coaching experiences. In this field, she has prepared a large number of training courses for private schools to provide parents with coaching skills. She managed dozens of Social Responsibility projects across the country and these have reached thousands of people. Among the social projects she has implemented are works which are recorded as “ first in the world”.

Rana Kaplan worked as a Project Leader for two years in the ICF (International Coach Federation) projects committee.

Rana Kaplan, who continues her teaching and coaching duties for individuals and companies, also gives Leadership Seminars and Professional Coaching Trainings in Universities mainly in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

In 2011, RANAKAPLAN founded the coaching center in order to put all the training experiences under one roof.